Farty Fart

by Brett Burgess

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released February 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Eviction Records Louisville, Kentucky

Eviction Records is mostly for the musical works of Yoko Molotov and friends.

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Track Name: Intro (Farty Fart)
Farty Fart. Farty Fart!
Track Name: Moby and Oby
Oh....Moby and Toby

Yeah Moby and Toby

Moby and Toby and Oby

Toby and Moby and Boby

Don't fotget the Boba Fett

Yeah that Boba Fett. Yeah!

Yeah baby yeah. Yeah Boba

Fett and Moby. Don't Forget

Bobbie and the Tommy and my

big fat brother Bobby. He Weighs

over 160 lbs. Looks lika big fat Santa

Claus. He's larger than how big you are!

He won't even use A diet pill. He's so fat

that he makes an elephant look skinny.

Even our Solar System. Moby and Oby.
Track Name: Torchaco
Torchaco,oh I love my Torchaco!
Track Name: Love
Baby I love you.


Yeah Baby! I love ya!

Baby I love you.

5.Improper Distances

Everyone killed thier body!

Everyone was laying on the

ground. Everyone was dead!

Everyone did'nt understand why

I was getting down. Improper Distances

getting me down! They started killing

me because my improper distances

were getting them down. Getting me

down. Getting them down. They started

singing man babies in shopping karts!

Because my improper distances were

getting them down.
Track Name: Burger Snot (Sic)
Buger snot

It comes from your nose.

It's buger snot. Who let

the buger snots out Me Me Me!

Who let the farts out Me Me Me!

Farty fart!

That's the end of our song now!

Good Bye! From your house buger

snot! See ya later! Buger snot. Stop it!
Track Name: Boobie
Heck yeah!

Bobbie is A big fattie,

Who looks like A giant

Santa Claus. He has A big

fat bootie! It's bigger than

A big boobie! His name is'nt

Bobbie,His name is Boobie.

He's A stupid red kneck brother.

Bigger than A Buffalo!
Track Name: In The Middle Of The Night
Oh,in the middle of the night,

If you gotta fart,Just do it!

Come and do it! Just do yourself,

and poo it. If you need to do it,

just do it! I Like big butts and I can

not lie! All you other brothers can't deny!

Girl walks in with A little bitty fart,Then

A big fart in your face. You Just go wo wo!

Dang It, that really smells! It really stinks,

Who let the farts out? I did! If you got to

fart,just don't Criticize. Just do it in the

middle of the night!
Track Name: Brook
Brook,if you don't come in i'm going to

beat your butt now! If you don't come in

i'm going to ground you! Get your big fat

hinny in here! Brooklyn!
Track Name: Outro
Real Brett Burgess Please stand up!

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